Leaking package closes Ybor City post office

A mystery substance leaking from a package shut down the post office in Ybor City for a few hours Monday morning.  
One postal worker who came in direct contact with the package developed skin irritation on his hands. 
As hazmat crews started investigating the mysterious substance, at least 15 more postal workers started to experience skin irritation.
Tampa Fire Rescue set up a decontamination vehicle to start cleaning those complaining of symptoms.
Postal workers went one-by-one through the van where they stripped off their clothing, showered, and then put on special hazmat suits.
During the investigation, people who wanted to get inside the post office waited patiently.
Michael Walborn and his girlfriend just moved to Tampa a week ago, and came to the post office Monday morning to pick up a check that would go towards moving into their new apartment.
"All of a sudden, we went up towards the door.  It was locked, and I am like, 'what fumes,' and I go like this (sniff, sniff).  I smelled like a really, really strong menthol smell, same smell I smelled earlier," Michael told us.
Others waiting at the front door knew all this was going to create an inconvenience, especially today.  "This is a busy day. It's the first of the month. People coming down here and stuff to get their checks and their mail," a man waiting on the front steps said.
Hazmat crews later determined the culprit to be concentrated eucalyptus oil. 
Coming in contact with the liquid can cause skin irritation, rash, or asthma-like symptoms.
This serves as a reminder that you must pay close attention to the rules when mailing any types of liquids.  Check with the postal service at https://www.usps.com/ to learn the specifics of shipping liquids.
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