Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally promoted by New Black Panther Party draws draws attention in Tampa

Rally starts out with 3 people, but grows

Tampa - There was a gathering Monday outside the Hillsborough County Courthouse in downtown Tampa where the New Black Panther Party held a Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally.

When it started at 9 a.m., only three people were there.

Most at the court house seemed to pass by without even noticing what was going on or being said over a loudspeaker. At times, the calls for justice were drowned out by another man preaching the word of God.

But as the morning progressed, some of those passing by paused to listen and the rally grew.

Ali Muhammad, with the New Black Panther Party said, since the George Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict came down late Saturday, his heart has been heavy and his blood pressure has gone up.

So today outside the courthouse, he called for a change in how the law is interpreted, citing harassment, police brutality and racial profiling.

Jocelyn Fagan, who happened to be at the courthouse, had her own answer. "We love. And that's all we have to do is to continue to love, and continue to pray for the family. Both the Zimmerman family and the Martin family," she said.

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