Jury selection underway for murder trial of teens slain in South Tampa home

Charles Waits is charged with 1st degree murder

TAMPA - "On June 5, 2011, Kiana and Jeremi Brito were shot and killed in their home at 3021 West Van Buren Drive located in Tampa, Florida," said Hillsborough County Judge Emmett Lamar Battles.

They were shot and killed execution style in the head inside their South Tampa home.  Brother and sister Jeremi and Kiana Brito were just teenagers, 13 and 16 years old, when they were murdered in 2011.

"Can you tell us what you remember?" a state prosecutor asked a potential juror.

"Well, about the two kids and I remember about it being like an early morning," she answered.

Out of 100 potential jurors, some remembered a lot about the Brito murder case. Some even remembered details of the duo police labeled ruthless and arrested shortly after the slayings. 

"She knew the person who came to the house and that's why they got in," said one potential juror when asked what she heard about the case in the media.

Prosecutors say then 20-year-old Charles Waits was friends with Kiana and got her to open the door that night. The state claims he knew marijuana, expensive watches and cash were inside the South Tampa home and also knew the 13- and 16-year-old were home alone.

"I remember seeing it on the television news and reading about it in the paper," said one potential juror.

"My son went to school with her and he told me about it," said another.

"Oh, I can be impartial, absolutely," answered another.

20-year-old Tavari Grant, the alleged gunman, is being tried separately for first-degree murder.

Waits' trial is expected to last for two weeks.

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