Grandparents relieved Hakken boys are safe


Grandparents Bob and Patricia Hauser are thankful for two things.


"Our grandchildren are safe," said Bob Hauser.


The second thing-- your thoughts and prayers.


"From our family, friends, our neighbors, co-workers of mine and really the thousands 

of other people who have sent their prayers and also went out and tried to help find our

grandchildren, we are very appreciative of that and it was very comforting to my wife and I," 

he said.


What may be more comforting, Chase and Cole's fugitive parents are in custody.


Joshua Hakken wore shackles and a glazed look as deputies led him into the Orient Road Jail early Wednesday morning. By afternoon, he and Sharyn Hakken had been transported to the Falkenburg Road Jail and put in solitary, separate cells.


A federal unlawful flight charge against the Hakkens was dropped because of the extensive state charges. They are expected to make a first appearance before a judge Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m.


"The State Department received information that they were actually in Cuba and we were notified 

by the State Department," said FBI Special Agent Dave Couvertier.


We now know an FBI plane whisked the Hakkens back from Cuba to Tampa International Airport. It landed at 1:30 a.m. with two sleepy boys whom paramedics gave the ok.


Even the Sheriff acknowledged the situation was a little surreal.


"It's not unusual for people to flee to other countries. It's  a little unusual the way this happened," said Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee.


We've also learned authorities were tipped off as early as Friday night that the Hakkens' sailboat was docked in a Cuban marina.


Tampa defense attorney Bryant Camareno believes the case is pretty clear-cut.


"They're facing at least three potentially life sentences on the kidnapping charges and on the other offenses they could face up to 20-years consecutive for Mrs. Hakken, and up to 30 years consecutive for Mr. Hakken," he said.


Right now the boys' grandparents seem focused on one thing.  "Right now we're just looking forward to sitting, getting them in our arms and hugging them," said Bob Hauser.

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