Grandmother finds bullet by her pillow after suspect shoots random gunfire

Police suspect random gunfire pierced home

TAMPA - Shirley Williams normally likes to retire for the evening early on Saturday night.  But for some reason, she stayed awake later than usual.  It might have been the best decision of her life.

While spending time in her living room, Wiliams, 54, suddenly heard a loud boom coming from the bedroom.  Her first thought was that somebody had broken into her Belmont Heights home.  But when she entered the bedroom, Williams quickly realized that a bullet had been fired into her home.

Glass from her dresser mirror covered the floor.  A window had a large hole.  But the most disturbing moment came when she looked on her bed.

"The bullet was laying right in the bed next to my pillow.  And I thought, 'Oh my God, someone's trying to kill me,'" Williams said.

Tampa police suspect a gunman may have fired a random shot into the neighborhood, striking Williams' house.  The grandmother said she often has grandkids over to visit, and is now worried for their safety.

"Whoever's shooting has no morals.  They didn't care about families.  They don't care if a family is in their house sleeping or if someone's child is protected," Williams said angrily.  "They were just running around shooting like they're out to get somebody.  And it just scares me."

Williams grandson, Julio Whitaker, said when he saw where the bullet was found inside the house, he was outraged.

"The place where your supposed to lay your head to sleep and rest.  It could have killed my grandmother," said Whitaker, 24.  "I was furious.  And I was scared at the same time.  It was like a mixture of emotions going through my head at the same time," Whitaker said.

Police are hoping somebody who witnessed the shooting will call into the crime stoppers tip line to help officer arrest a suspect.

But for Williams, after six years in Belmont Heights, she's considering moving out.

"It's sad to think that if you stay in your house you could be killed in the middle of the night."


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