Governor Rick Scott announces tax cut

Saving for drivers who renew vehicle registration

TAMPA - Thursday afternoon Governor Rick Scott outlined his plans to cut taxes. Scott is promising to put $400 million back in the pockets of taxpayers but some opponents question the timing of this decision.

Taxpayers, however, like the idea. They hope it will help them save on a costly annual expense.

Claude Nedeau has a car, van and trailers that need registration renewal each year.

"You just bite your tongue and just pay for it. I mean there's nothing else you can really do," Nedeau said.

He said all together his bill totals around $400.

But Governor Scotts tax cut could soften the blow to Nedeau's wallet.

"We're going to give you back that 54 percent increase you saw in 2009," Scott said at a press conference Thursday.

The cut eliminates $400 million dollars in taxes.

It will save the average driver about $25.

But Scott's opponent in next years election, Charlie Crist, say's the proposed cut is just a political move heading into election season.

In a statement to Action News, Crist said,  "It's about time! when these fees were passed by rick scott's colleagues and signed into law they were never meant to be permanent. i'm surprised it's taken this long for governor scott to realize that it's time to roll these fees back - better late than never."

Though Crist was the governor who signed the fee increase into law during his time in office.

When asked about the former governors comments today, Scott refused to fire back.

"I think we've done the right things and we've made sure Florida families had the opportunity to succeed," said Scott.

But drivers see past the politics and welcome and additional savings.

"Everybody would enjoy that," said Nedeau.

The cuts would take effect in September.

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