Gov. Scott to sign bill that improves special needs education, allows parents to be more involved

ORLANDO - Gov. Rick Scott is set to sign a bill making big changes to the way special  education is run in Florida.

For parents and the concerned public fighting for the rights of special needs children in their county, this is a victory.

The bill becoming law today will allow more parent involvement when it comes to the education of their children in special needs programs.  It also requires a person to complete one year of training with special needs children before they are able to work in the exceptional student education program.

This is something many parents were calling for after various incidents at the hands of the Hillsborough County School District.

One of those incidents include the death of 11-year-old Jenny Caballero, who drowned in a retention pond behind her school after wandering away without being noticed by anyone.

Another local incident is the death of 7-year-old Isabella Herrera, who was not harnessed in her wheelchair correctly on her school bus. Doctors say that resulted in her choking and later dying. 

The moments leading up to her death were all caught on the bus camera.

The governor is set to sign it at 9:00 this morning in Orlando.


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