Gabriel Brown, a former Green Beret, will be sentenced for a series of armed robberies Thursday

TAMPA - Father.  Sniper.  Criminal. 

Those are all words that have been used to describe Gabriel Brown.

The former special operations sniper faces a mandatory 32-year minimum for committing a series of armed burglaries. 

He will be sentenced Thursday but is asking a federal judge to be lenient, pointing to PTSD as a catalyst for his actions.

The robberies took place between December 2012 and February 6, 2013.

In a letter to the judge, Brown describes himself as an "adrenaline junkie" who has been battling PTSD for the past several years.  Brown also noted how he was seeking treatment.

Three essay submitted to the judge detail Brown's work as a sniper and then as a security officer for CIA operatives in the Middle East.  Brown vividly recalls being ordered to kill a man he believed to be innocent and how he still has nightmares about the killing.

He also shared accounts of bullets whizzing by his head as he rode in a Humvee and watching his friends get killed.

Brown has now pleaded guilty to two Bay area businesses and a bank in Auburndale.

In the months leading up to the series of armed robberies, Brown flunked a nursing class and lost his funding for school.

Brown is represented by Jose Baez.

Brown's accomplice, Robert McChristian, is currently serving a 30 year sentence. 

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