Frank Reddick calls for action after store manager's murder

"Very, very respectable person. Everyone admired his personality. Everyone admired his professionalism," said City Council Member Frank Reddick.
Reddick lives right around the corner from a Dollar Store on North 40th Street where manager Horsely Shorter lost his life Sunday (see
"He came back home to help his sick mother and he got a job at Family Dollar.  He rose up to the rank of manager to be killed," he said.
Reddick is calling the African-American community to action in the wake of the senseless murder.
"I found out that he was killed by a person who looked just like him, and it's a senseless killing," he said.
"No one is out protesting.  No one is out marching and this is a black-on-black crime," he continued.
Police say the Army and Air Force veteran was shot and killed while trying to help his clerk when a 23-year old robber, Demetrius Parks, came in with a gun.
"He rushed out of a locked office where he was safe to try and protect his co-worker," said Laura McElroy, Tampa Police Department.
Reddick called attention to black-on-black crime in a Tampa City Council meeting Thursday and says he has received support from the community.
The next step, he says, is putting together a task force to start a conversation about the issue.
"What I would like to do is establish a dialogue, a dialogue with citizens of this community, particularly African-Americans.  We're going to have to take on this challenge," said Reddick.
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