Alleged female MacDill AFB intruder declared incompetent by federal judge, mental evaluation ordered

TAMPA - A woman accused of sneaking onto MacDill Air Force Base multiple times was found incompetent to stand trial on Monday.

50-year-old Suzanne Jensen will spend up to 60 days  at a federal medical facility.

The evaluation period "should focus on medications to determine if competency can be restored," according to a court order signed by Federal Judge Anthony Porcelli.

The homeless woman is suspected of breaching the perimeter of MacDill Air Force Base at least four times.

Charging documents also stated that Jensen was spotted at a gym on base with a stolen military identification card in November of last year.  She explained to officers that she'd used a trash can to prop herself up and over the walls at MacDill to gain access to the base.

MacDill wasn't the only base where Jensen ventured according to records.

Authorities say she managed to get into Fort Bragg and Pope Air Station ten years ago.  The charges were eventually dropped.

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