Exclusive: Tampa victim speaks out about "Toxic Tush" butt doctor's sentence

Oneal Ron Morris sentenced to 366 days in prison

TAMPA, Fla. - These days photos of Lournise Linton standing and smiling seem like a distant memory. At just 42-years-old, Linton's life is spent mostly in bed now, lying on her stomach.

It hurts to do just about anything else.

"My whole life changed," Linton said through tears. "I cannot sit, my balance is off. I might be disabled for the rest of my life."

The reason dates back to 2009 when Linton and a couple of friends decided to get butt injections on the cheap. Linton said she traveled from Tampa to meet with Oneal Ron Morris, a transgender woman from South Florida, who told them she had worked as a nurse for a plastic surgeon. Linton said she claimed to know what she was doing.

Within months, the pain started.

In addition to coughing up blood and developing pneumonia, she had discoloration of the skin and a rear-end she described as "rock hard."

By 2011, Linton could no longer sit down.

After multiple tests, doctors determined what she thought was an injection of 100% silicone turned out to be 100% untrue.

"He said it came back as mineral oil and bathroom caulking. I couldn't believe it," Linton recalled.

It's known nationwide as the "Toxic Tush" case. Morris was arrested in November 2011 for practicing medicine without a license.

According to police, multiple women were injected with toxic substances including superglue, Fix-A-Flat, mineral oil, and bathroom caulk.

Prosecutors say the botched operations left two women ill and disfigured, but they stressed in court that they were never able to determine exactly what substance Morris used in the injections.

On Thursday, as part of a plea deal, Morris pled guilty. She was sentenced to 366 days in prison.

Hours away in her Tampa home, Linton took the news lying down - and not because she wanted to.

'I don't think it's fair. I don't think the justice system is fair," she said through tears. "She ruined my life."

Morris does face additional charges in Broward County, including manslaughter. Officials say one victim died after an operation.

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