Complaints: I-4/Selmon Connector not stopping trucks from going through Ybor City

Residents, business owners want answers

YBOR CITY, Fla. - People in Ybor City say they want answers.

They want to know why semi-trucks are still on the streets of Ybor City when the new I-4/Selmon Connector was designed to alleviate that thru traffic.

"The truckers are going to go through Ybor City for a while," said Sue Charzan with the Expressway Authority.

She said she can understand the frustration of some, but people have to understand changes like this won't happen overnight.

"The port is letting people know, and the dispatchers are letting the trucks know, but it going to take a while.  They need to be patient," says Charzan.

Charzan says she doesn't think its a matter of the truck drivers ignoring posted signage, but rather timing.  The connector opened Monday, so its just taking some time for the information to make it down the pipeline.

The Expressway Authority also wants people to understand the new toll road will not eliminate trucks in Ybor City, as some of them will still have to use the surface streets to make food and beverage deliveries just off the highway.

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