Community honors heroes by raising money for the families of fallen officers

Teeing off for the families of our heroes

TAMPA - Hunter's Green Country Cub hosted the 5th annual Heroes' Memorial Golf Tournament on Monday.

The tournament gives community leaders in business, law, and law enforcement a chance to enjoy a great day while helping a great cause.

The event is put together by the Police Benevolent Association and the money raised goes towards a fund that is used to help the families of fallen officers.

It is a moment in their lives that can be overwhelming, as they grieve over the tragedy that has suddenly gripped their entire family. And in the middle of it all, the everyday things still go on, paying bills, not to mention the funeral expenses.

But through this fund, the worry of how the family is going to get by financially is resolved, so they can focus on family and their loss.

It is a fund no one ever wants to use, but sadly, in the Tampa Bay area, we have used far too often.

Kelly Curtis lost her husband, Tampa Police Officer David Curtis, in June, 2010, when he and Officer Jeffery Kocab, were gunned down during a traffic stop.

Kelly would tell me of the importance of the fund that helped to lift that financial burden from her shoulders, and allowed her to focus on her children and her heartache and pain.

She would also talk about how difficult it is now, as her husband's accused killer, Dontae Morris, is currently moving through the legal system, and recently convicted of first-degree murder in another case.

And through all of it, she and her family move forward. And she thanks those who came out today to support the cause, while at the same time hoping that the fund will never have to be used again.

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