Close to 100 people protest outside the IRS building in Tampa concerned over government overreach

Out of control government warn Tampa protestors

TAMPA - Nearly 100 people took to the streets in Tampa today outside the IRS building on Boy Scout Blvd to warn everyone that the IRS and the government have gone too far.

Today's protest, organized by various Tea Party and Patriot groups, brought out about 100 people, all of whom are very concerned about the overreach by the IRS when it came to targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. 
The scandal, which continues to grow in Washington, is now spreading right across the country as more conservative organizations, as well as a number of conservative donors and some religious groups, have come forward claiming to have come under the watchful eye of the IRS too.
The White House has always maintained President Obama knew nothing about the issue until he became aware of it through news reports, and that it was low-level IRS agents in Cincinnati that were responsible. 
Tim Curtis with the Tampa 9-12 Project finds that hard to believe, saying his group was targeted and he has the letter to prove it.  A letter he says came out of the Baltimore office of the IRS.
He also had this warning for others as to why they should care about this issue, even if they are not part of a Tea Party or Patriot group.  "Because this same group," referring to the IRS, "that is responsible for targeting innocent americans with respect to taxes, is also the enforcement arm for the President's health care law."
In fact, the IRS is responsible for overseeing the implementation of Obama-Care.
So Tim and others warned from the street today, when it comes to the IRS and government in general, "America, you need to be very, very afraid."
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