Clearwater couple restores WW II vet's faith in good people, provides tricycle after his was stolen

Vet's tricycle stolen 2 days ago

TAMPA - "Nervous energy-- You sit and wonder?" said Charles Swayne, an 85-year-old World War II veteran.

His faith in good people disappeared from his Tampa front yard two days ago when a trike, which was his main mode of transportation, was stolen.

"If it's in the neighborhood, somebody would've come up with it by now," explained Swayne.

It rode through Swayne's grass, bumping past his American flag.

"That's what's keeping me going," he said.

"I need my trike back because that's my transportation," he said.

Swayne's trike wasn't just exercise. There's a reason it has a basket on the back.

"She's on 14 different prescriptions a day so it's serious," he said.

His wife's health depends on his pedal power which is why Jessica Sessions, a complete stranger, was so moved when she learned about the stolen trike on ABC Action News.

"Nice to meet you! I wanted to bring you a bike because I thought it would help out," said Sessions as she shook his hand today at his house.

"You better believe it!" he replied with a smile.

Session and her husband, Larry, don't even know Charles Swayne. They loaded up their trike, rarely used, and drove to Tampa from Clearwater this afternoon to bring it to veteran.

"You always say when one door shuts, another one opens," said Jessica Sessions to her husband.

They also know faith in good people is sometimes a blessing best delivered by strangers.

"I asked him, I was like, we don't really use that bike, and I'm pretty sure he could use it a lot more than we can so I asked if we can bring it over," said Jessica Sessions.

"And I was like, yeah, let's load it up on the truck and take it over," said her husband.

"I'm overwhelmed," said Swayne.

The new trike will get him from here to there but this couple may have restored something more valuable.

"That's what we were talking about a while ago-- people having good hearts. Yep," Swayne told me. "But we found out there's people like that."

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