Carnival Legend headed out to sea, while technicians continue making repairs

Passengers voice their concerns

TAMPA, Fla. - Sunday night, Carnival Legend began it's first leg of a seven-day trip. The vessel, which was having propulsion problems at sea, departed from the Port of Tampa yesterday afternoon.  (

That same ship returned to the Tampa port Sunday morning after having to cancel their last port of call stop due to propulsion system issues. 

The Legend is now headed for Cozumel. But, passengers aren't the only ones onboard.

Technicians are making repairs on the ship's propulsion system, after the Coast Guard cleared the ship to sail. The Legend has a technical issue, affecting sailing speed.

Hilary Armstrong called Carnival, before coming to the port to board. She's worried about those glitches. Armstrong said, "If we get stranded in the middle of the ocean, that's not going to be a lot of fun. But, we're prepared if that happens."

Hilary's not the only one. Molly Sandburg, from Pittsburgh, is not only apprehensive, but a little disappointed. Cruise line representatives say the ship is expected to follow it's normal itinerary, with the exception of one port. Grand Cayman will be replaced by Costa Maya. Sandburg said, "We were looking forward to one of the excursions that obviously got canceled. But, we're going somewhere else so that should be an experience."

Cruise line officials are confident the sailing experience will be a good one. They say the vessel's safety systems, steering and hotel services are functioning normally. Molly hopes so. She's packing her humor as well.

Sandburg said, "But yea, there's a little bit of nerves going on about what's going to happen and people warning us that we need to bring depends with us and plastic bags."

Carnival wants to accommodate all of their passengers. Guests that didn't want to go on the cruise were given the option of canceling and getting a full refund.

In the past month, three other Carnival cruise ships have reported problems. The Legend is scheduled to return to port next Sunday.

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