Carnival Legend leaves port with new passengers, same issue

TAMPA BAY - The Carnival Legend came back into port early Sunday morning after having to cancel their last port of call stop due to propulsion system issues that effected the ships maximum speed.

Faye New, a Passenger on the Carnival Legend says, "Obviously there's something that isn't right."

The Legend is one of four of the liners ships to experience problems in the past month.

According to New, passengers were told about the propulsion system issues and that crew members were working on it.  

On the fourth night of their seven day cruise, passengers were told the ship was having problems reaching full speed. Causing the Legend to turn around and set sail back to Tampa.

Some passengers, like Jeff Cario were not pleased about the early return, "Terrible trip, canceled early, three days at sea, missed two stops and they only gave us a hundred bucks."

New claims that the system issue caused confusion of where the ship was going to port next, "Well we went from planning to go to Belize to ending up in Costa Maya and then planning to go to the Caymans, to maybe going to Belize to ending up in Tampa."

While some on board let the mechanical issues take the wind out of their sails, others decided to just toe the line.

Passenger Jane Gates said "I think it's really what you make it. We were kind of upset, but it ended up being a good time. We still had fun in the sun."

Around noon Sunday a new set of passengers began boarding the Carnival Legend.

As Hilary Armstrong was boarding the Carnival Legend she told us, "We still get sun and the beach and hopefully lots of fun so that's ok."

United States Coast Guard inspectors investigated the issue Sunday morning deeming the ship to be safe to travel out of port, though further repairs are reportedly still needed to solve the electrical issue. Parts needed to make the repairs will be sent to one of the ships port of calls, a Coast Guard official says.

Due to the repairs passengers will not stop at the Grand Cayman as planned, but will head to Costa Maya.



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