Carnival Legend is the cruise line's fourth ship to experience problems in less than a month

TAMPA - More than 2,500 passengers aboard the troubled Carnival Legend disembarked at the Port of Tampa Sunday morning.

This is the cruise line's fourth ship to experience problems in less than a month.

"Terrible trip, canceled early, three days at sea, missed two stops and they only gave us a hundred bucks," said passenger Jeff Cario.

On Thursday, the ship's captain phoned the Coast Guard to alert them that the ship was having problems reaching full speed.  Shortly after, the captain decided to turn the ship around and head back to Tampa, cutting out two port stops on the seven day trip.

"They didn't stop for zip lining and other excursions and we are not going to get our money back for that because we didn't do it through their ship," said Edward Marsh, who went on the cruise with his wife.
The ship left the Tampa on March 10.

According to passenger Sherrie Almand, the ship was only reaching a speed of four knots. The average speed for a cruise ship is between 18 and 25 knots.

Carnival said the ship was experiencing difficulties with its propulsion system but at no time were passenger accommodations compromised. 

"I am disappointed," said Faye New, a passenger.

Since the ship is carrying U.S. passengers, the Coast Guard has now said it will investigate the ship's troubles.  The Legend, however, is set to sail again Sunday night.

"The ship isn't even fixed yet and they are already boarding for another cruise," Marsh added.

Carnival released the following statement regarding the Legend:

On Sunday afternoon, Carnival Legend is expected to depart on schedule while technicians continue to make progress on the repairs. The ship is expected to operate its normal itinerary with the exception of one port – Grand Cayman – which is being replaced by Costa Maya.  Any guests wishing not to proceed based on the change to one port of call have been given the option of cancelling and receiving a full refund.

The cruise line did give each passenger a $100 refund, half off toward their next cruise and they did reimburse for pre-activities at the missed ports.




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