Called by some a 'secret menu,' many fast food chains let you order anything you want

Have a craving for a certain type of sandwich or drink but can't find it on the menu? That shouldn't stop you from ordering it. 
That's because some people claim food and drink chains have secret menus. 
We decided to put it to the test. 
The first stop in Tampa was at the Starbucks off Gandy Boulevard.  We ordered a 'short' brewed coffee.  It's a coffee that comes in a very small cup, sort of like a shot.  The item is not listed on the menu, but we were served one anyway. 
That first challenge was simple. So we went online to a website called It's a site that says it was created by Starbucks fans for Starbucks fans. 
The next stop we made was at the Starbucks on Kennedy Boulevard near downtown Tampa. There we went through the drive-thru again but ordered a Buttered Popcorn Frappuccino. The person behind the drive-thru speaker wasn't sure what the drink was. "If you know what's in it we can make it for you," she told us. 
I didn't know the ingredients. We pulled around to the window to talk to the person running the drive-thru. She told us they will make basically any drink we want if we have the ingredients. She also told us that Starbucks does not have a "secret menu" but they still get requests for special made drinks all the time.
We then decided to try some food items. So we hit up the McDonald's, also on Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa. We went through the drive through and ordered a secret sandwich found on an internet site. 
The girl on the drive-thru speaker got quiet for a minute and asked what the sandwich was. We told her it was a double cheeseburger with a McChicken sandwich inside. I then asked if it was a real sandwich. The girl laughed and said "no sir, but we can make it."
To our surprise the McDonald's actually made the sandwich for us.
I contacted a representative for McDonald's to see if there was such a thing as a "secret menu." Joe Chabus who is the Communications Manager for the Florida Region McDonald's sent us a statement saying: "Our customers love our food and the ability to customize their meals at our restaurants. While these items are not a part of our national menu, nor do we have a "secret menu" at this time, we are happy to accommodate most special requests." 
We took the sandwich from McDonald's out on the streets of downtown Tampa to ask what people thought. Most just laughed when they saw the sandwich and heard the name.
Most did agree that places that make special orders are a good thing. "I think it's cool, I mean for people that get into that stuff, but not me, but I think that people, that things like that I would love," one girl told us."
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