Both sides rest in the Todd 'MJ' Schnitt vs Bubba the Love Sponge Clem civil defamation case

Final arguements set for shock jock defamati case

TAMPA - Both sides have rested in the civil defamation case between Todd 'MJ' Schnitt and Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.  But it wasn't the only highlight of the day Tuesday.

The day would start out with attorney Norman Canella representing Joseph Diaco (who is representing Bubba) bringing up issues directly related to last week's charges of a "set-up" concerning the DUI arrest of MJ attorney Phil Campbell.

Canella would tell the judge there was a request to subpoena all cell phone records from numerous parties involved, or perceived to be involved, as well as "A motion of contempt against Mr. Diaco."

But Judge James Arnold would quickly shoot it all down, saying those issues would not be dealt with in this case or at this time.

And so the case went on. Two quick witnesses and then both sides rested, and the jury was told to come back Wednesday.

As soon as the jury was released for the day, there was one last attempt to take it out of their hands, as Bubba's legal team would put it to the judge once again, that the remaining defamation counts should be tossed because the evidence shows everything said about the Schnitts on Bubba's radio show were either "fair comment," because Todd Schnitt and his wife Michelle, were public figures, or just satire.

But Mindi Richter, one of the attorneys representing MJ, would counter, "The incidents that the Schnitts have endured in public, clearly show that the listeners do believe these things to be true."

The judge would dismiss the motion to have the defamation counts tossed and tell both sides to be in tomorrow morning set to give their final arguments, after which, the case would go to the jury.

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