Attorneys for the Oulson family speak out about movie theater tragedy

TAMPA, Fla. - Within moments, Nicole Oulson's life changed forever. 

"It escalated in an instant," said TJ Grimaldi, one of the family's attorneys.

By now, you've probably seen the footage from the Wesley Chapel movie theater where the shooting happened. You've probably seen the pictures of the family torn apart.

But for the first time since the sheriff's office said Chad Oulson was gunned down for texting and Curtis Reeves, a retired cop, was arrested, we got to hear Nicole's side of the tragic incident from her attorneys. 

"I think that she, looking back on it, realizes she needed to cherish every moment she possibly had because that was a family day," said Grimaldi. 

On Thursday, Nicole had to have extensive surgery on her hand where the bullet hit. But the newly-single mother is struggling to stay strong, her attorneys said, for her 22-month-old daughter, a daddy's girl who doesn't yet understand what happened.

"She's only going to understand that when she asks for 'daddy' that he's not there anymore," Grimaldi said.

According to Grimaldi, Nicole just wants to see justice served. 

The attorneys present on Friday did address, however, the Stand Your Ground speculation that's been swirling this case. 

"Frankly, I just think in this situation it's about as extreme and ridiculous a situation you can come up with to try to use it," said attorney Stephen Leal. 

Reeves remains behind bars charged with second degree murder. He is scheduled to have a bond hearing on February 5th. 

Until then, Nicole is focusing on the day-to-day. Chad's funeral is scheduled for Saturday. 

"I think that tomorrow, and as the days go on, it's going to hit her that this is not just a story anymore - this is real life," Grimaldi said.





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