Attorneys argue over the sale of Casey Anthony's life story

To profit or not to profit from Casey Anthony?

TAMPA - It was quite a different entrance into the Federal Courthouse Tuesday, than it was earlier this year when Casey Anthony actually showed up for a bankruptcy hearing and was swarmed by the media.

Today it was calm.  Casey did not show up.

On hand were her attorneys, the attorneys representing her creditors, the Chapter 7 Trustee, and his attorney (the lawyer trying to determine what, if any, assets she has).

The most telling part of the day dealt with what Chapter 7 Trustee Attorney Alan Watkins saw as Anthony's possible future assets.  That includes the sale, at some point, of Anthony's life story, or any part of it.

In Federal Court, Watkins said he has received several offers from interested parties wanting, not to prevent Casey from profiting from her story, but to cash in on it.

He even suggested they hold an auction in court.

Watkins also mentioned that they are looking into allegations that Casey Anthony has already fielded offers on her story.

But outside the courthouse, Casey's attorney, David Schrader, maintained that Casey does not have a book deal, or any deal lined up.

United States Federal Bankruptcy Judge, K Rodney May, said he would decide on the issue in 30 days.

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