Attacked with an egg, injured Bayshore runner regains eyesight

Noah Grant's injured eye healed after egg attack

TAMPA - Robinson High School Senior Noah Grant knows sometimes bad things happen to good people.

"I reach up to see what happened, and I just feel part of my face is caved in," he told us last Spring.

Doctors told the 18-year-old track and cross country star last Spring, he may lose sight in his right eye after three teens egged him from a moving car. The egging happened while he ran with his twin brother and teammates along Bayshore Boulevard.

"I had an eye patch for a while.  It was extremely uncomfortable.  I had no depth perception, which means whenever someone threw something at me, I couldn't tell the distance away," said Grant.

A thumbnail-sized piece of eggshell sliced his pupil and the egg's impact broke his occipital bone. But his dedication, discipline and dream to get back to the sport he loved kept him going.

"Noah bounced back really well.  He ended up being one of our top guys, fourth or fifth guy on the team the whole year," said Robinson High Track and Cross Country Coach Mark Altimari. Altimari says Grant helped Robinson's team place 8th in the state competition.

But the real challenge would be passing a military eye test, which could have prevented him from becoming a United States Marine. Grant is an ROTC student and planned on pursuing a military career when he graduated high school.

"I had to spend the culmination of about a month over there going back and forth going to doctors, seeing their specialists, trying to get cleared and it was hard but finally I have and I ship off a couple weeks after graduation," he explained.

"I'm happy about it.  I have a career ahead of me now," he said.

If you're wondering what happened to the three teens responsible -- Tyler Metzger, Patrick Wasp, and Daniel Borgeson -- they were charged as adults and are serving community service.

Grant says one of them even apologized.

"I realize that they are good guys," he said.

Bad things happen to good people.  But good people forgive and keep going.

"They weren't intentionally trying to harm anyone or cause anyone severe pain and they were just guys out one night, being stupid," said Grant.

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