A raffle to help raise money for the daughter of a fallen tampa police officer

Demetra Bell Jones needs a liver transplant

BRANDON, Fla. -  

People from around the bay came together to help raise money for the daughter of a fallen Tampa Police officer in need of a liver transplant.


One by one motorcycles of all shapes and sizes roared into Harley-Davidson of Brandon. On board where those showing their support for Demetra Bell Jones.  "I can't really even find the words to express my gratitude.," Demetra's mother, Loujean Brittain said.


Demetra is the daughter of Randy Bell. A detective for the Tampa Police Department killed in the line of duty back in 1998.

Now Demetra is fighting for her life. "I am so dependent on my faith," Loujean said.


Loujean is also fighting. She lost her husband Randy and doesn't want to face the pain of losing their daughter. Demetra is in Jacksonville right now currently getting treatment. "Probably without a doubt the most difficult thing I've every experienced in my life watching my child suffer so horribly so and not being able to help her or take it away," Loujean said.


In December Loujean learned Demetra needed a liver transplant. "We are kind of all under the idea that this is probably the very best that she's going to be until we can get the transplant, so far any day that she's a little bit stronger, I'm grateful," Loujean said.


The cost of Demetra's transplant is about $314,000. Insurance will be covering half that leaving $180,000 left to be paid, and that's where fundraisers like the one Sunday helps out. "Her dad lost his life and when we found out that she needed this liver transplant, it's the least we can do to try and help save hers," Richard Politano said. He's the President of the Florida Chapter of the Untouchables.


The Untouchables is a law enforcement motorcycle club. Sunday's they held a raffle with all the mooning raised going to Demetra's medical bills. "Every dollar helps," Richard said.


All the support shown today brought tears to Loujean's eyes, and helped get them a step closer to getting the transplant Demetra so desperately needs. "I'm just holding on tight to the belief that his will, God's will for our child is going to be done," Loujean said.

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