A $3.5 million mansion is under investigation for money-making activities the owner denies

TAMPA, Fla. - On a south Tampa street known for quiet and kids, there is a mansion that's now the target of an investigation and a lot of neighborhood noise.

Advertised in a video on the website Tampa Event Venue, the $3.5 million home at 4602 W. San Miguel Street is touted as a "mega mansion" available for events.

The property boasts 8 bedroom suites, 4 kitchens, a full spa, and 14 bathrooms, one of which is covered with Swarovski crystal, valued at $100,000.

For $1,500 a night or $9,500 a week, anyone can use a Pay Pal account to rent it.

Friday, code enforcement mailed the owner, Cliff Davis, a letter notifying him that he failed an inspection for commercial use of a residentially-zoned property.

"Official legal way that the property owner is put on notice that there is an active code case," explained Director of Neighborhood Services Jake Slater. "Alleged amount of traffic coming in and out of the house and other things going on."

Slater's office, along with Tampa Police, got several complaints from neighbors who were too scared to identify themselves by speaking to ABC Action News on-camera.

However, they complained to code enforcement about events with 70 cars parked outside, wild parties, loud noise, trash cans filled with alcohol, and other family unfriendly behavior.

Davis wouldn't speak on-camera about it all, but says he only held 8 parties, 6 of which were for charities, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profits. He sits on the Hospice Island Night Committee, and claims just one gathering at the mansion raised $200,921 for Suncoast Hospice.

Davis admits he once advertised a singles mixer at the home.  He planned to charge men hundreds of dollars while women could get in free, but he says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms showed up and told him he couldn't charge for alcohol.

A contractor hoping to flip the home, Davis says he is the target of unfair gossip. He and his wife simply hoped to find creative ways to pay costs like a $6,000 per month property tax bill until the home sells.

"If he comes into compliance, the case is over," Slater said.

Davis plans to stop advertising any event rentals for the home. According to city officials, he will be in compliance if he rents the home for single-family activities, like a weekly vacation home.

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