91 year old woman scammed out of $1,300 by fake officer

TAMPA - Tampa police are looking for a man who is impersonating a police officer while scamming elderly women.

The suspect is described as a black male between the height of 5'5'' and 5'7'', 140 to 150 pounds with a thin mustache, wearing a gray suit. He is believed to be between the ages of 40 to 50 years old.

One victim of the scam was a 91 year old woman was headed toward the B&D grocery store on North 40 th Street Friday afternoon. She sat down along the way near the Gary Adult School when the suspect spotted her as he drove by in an older model four-door vehicle with a white top and brown bottom. He waved to her has he went by.

As she waved back at the suspect, he did a U-turn and headed toward her.

Police say he got out of the car and approached her presented a gold badge, and claimed he was a police officer. He then pulled out a picture and asked the elderly woman if the girls in the photo were her grand-daughters.

The suspect called the woman by her name and knew her address. He told her that he would wait for her to come back from the store at her residence.

When the victim returned to her home she invited the suspect inside, but told him that the girls in the photo were not her granddaughters. The suspect told her that he was investigating the girls in the picture for fraud and that they had told him that their grandmother had money in her house that she was supposed to give him.

The woman gave the suspect $1,300 before he fled the scene.

Tampa police believe this same man has attempted to scam another elderly woman using the same story. The 81 year old victim in that case called family members to confirm the man's story before giving him money. The suspect fled the scene when she started to become suspicious.

Citizens are advised that if they are approached by a person who is identifying themselves as a police officer that they need to ask for identification, or they can call the non-emergency line at 813-231-6130 to confirm that the person is an officer.





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