50 runners turn out to "Run to Remember" in support of Boston

TAMPA - A group of close to 50 runners from around Tampa Bay wanted to show their support for Boston today by dedicating their weekly run to them. They called it a "Run to Remember" and held it at Trout Creek Wilderness Park in Tampa.

Debbie Voiles started the group Run Tampa and just thought today's run would be a great way to show those in Boston that they are in their thoughts. "The running community is incredible close anyway. But this definitely, it brings everyone closer than they were before," she told us.

Running is a common bond that brings all these people together. After this week's tragic events in Boston, it is bringing them closer together. Runner Brian Coleman described how the bombings affected all them. "It hurt us deeply, it cut into our hearts, and a lot of us were very sad, but this is a way that we can come together and rejoice in our fellowship."


Some at today's run sported medals from past Boston Marathons. Another way the runners showed their unity was that they all wore specially made bibs that read "Runners United to Remember." "The running community, we all stick together so when one falls we all fall. When one gains we all gain," is how fellow runner JoAnne Caglianone feels about all that's when on this week.

The bond between these runners is somewhat like a bond found between families so it's no wonder many of them knew someone running in Monday's Boston Marathon. "I was tracking runners that are friends of mine who were running. So I was panicked knowing that they could be right there, right then," Debbie told us.

"One had finished and was already at her hotel, one was about half mile back and the other was further back when the explosions happened," Brian said about his friends in the marathon. JoAnne was also worried about her friends. "As I was following them, it was a relief, to finally see on Facebook when they all posted, that they were fine."

Many of today's runners feel the healing process can begin after the arrest of the outstanding suspect wanted for the bombings. Debbie puts in all in perspective. "We probably all feel like we ran a marathon everyday this week. And last night it was like at least we crossed the finish line and now we can start to recover."


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