14 train cars derail, several overturn at the Port of Tampa, causing ethanol leak

TAMPA - A cargo train derailed at the Port of Tampa causing an ethanol spill 1 a.m. Thursday. 

The CSX tankers overturned near the entrance to Hookers Point.

Tampa Fire Rescue now reports a total of 14 rail cars were involved.  11 of those cars flipped over, one is still off the tracks and slightly tilted, and two are upright.

Three of the cars leaked ethanol, a highly flammable liquid.

Firefighters coated the spill in foam to keep the fire hazard to a minimum. They monitored wind conditions to make sure any potential fumes did not spread from the spill site.

The leaks were contained and no injuries were reported.

The Port of Tampa has reopened to commercial traffic, however delays should be expected for all traffic in and out of Hookers Point.

Just at 6 p.m., the first set of heavy equipment needed to upright the rail cars arrived.  Another set of equipment is on the way from Tennessee.  

CSX estimates it will take about 24-hours to get all the cars upright. 

In addition, repairs to the tracks need to made before the cars can roll away.

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