Video shows the aftermath of what happens when St. Pete Police shoot and kill a man's dog

They were attempting to arrest owner

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - New video has surfaced that shows the aftermath of what happened after a St. Petersburg police officer shot a dog while arresting his owner.

In the video you can hear a man screaming. "He's just screaming, 'Tazzy, Tazzy, Tazzy,'" Carmen Plamer said. She and her boyfriend, Joe Madrid, were the ones who shot the cell phone video.

The confrontation happened Thursday night near William's Park downtown St. Petersburg.

Police say they were attempting to arrest Kenneth McNeal for trespassing. They say McNeal ignored verbal warnings to stop and when they tried to arrest him, his dog, Tazzy, a German Shepard, tried to bite one of the officers. That's when the officer had to shoot.

"The whole ordeal, it came in the middle of the street towards us," Joe said. "We kept moving down the sidewalk a little bit and by the time the gunfire went off, we were six to eight feet from it."

Being so close, Joe and Carmen got an eyewitness view of the whole confrontation.

St. Petersburg Police do tell us Internal Affairs is investigating the incident and they are reviewing the video.

Joe and Carmen say for the past few days they've tried to talk to police about what they saw, but no one from the department has got back to them. "I told them, 'I have a video.  Do you want the video?'  I offered it to police right after it happened, and the lady was like, 'Yeah, if you want to give it to us, we will look at it,'" Carmen said.

The police department says they will continue their investigation.

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