The lawsuit comes two days after a bar manager was charged with breaking a patron's neck.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The owners of a St. Petersburg bar face a lawsuit two days after the manager was charged with breaking a patron's neck.

Jeremy Fisher, a Miami sports video editor, is in a coma in intensive care after visiting St. Petersburg for a Rays game Saturday night.


He and his friends visited Suite 6 Bar & Lounge at 265 Central Avenue after the game.


The lawsuit asks Evanue Group, LLC for more than $15,000 in damages for negligence and other liabilities. 


According to family and friends, Blake Ambrester, the bar's manager, targeted Fisher for no reason. He put Fisher in a choke hold until he passed out, then threw his lifeless body outside on the sidewalk.


Police waited almost two days to charge Ambrester because they did not know the extent of Fisher's injuries. They say surveillance video shows Fisher intoxicated and uncooperative, Ambrester responding to a female bar tender's complaint that Fisher harassed her.


Fisher has a broken neck, multiple skull fractures, and severe brain swelling.  His wife, Isis, claims she had to personally call a detective to his bedside.


Ambrester has already served one prison sentence for felony battery. 

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