St. Petersburg Diocese head Robert Lynch reacts to election of Pope Franis

ST. Petersburg, Fla. - The announcement of a new pope, moved some at the Diocese of St. Petersburg to tears.

"I liked what I saw today," said Bishop Robert Lynch head of the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

The Bishop said the election of pope Francis I,  the first non-European is historic. He only cited his age of 76 as surprising.

"It is not disappointing at all," said Bishop Lynch. "It's just surprising they would want to go through this again in 10 years or so."

He feels Pope Francis I  is a great choice and a short conclave of less than two days shows the cardinals agree.

"It is such a relief a long  conclave would have given in to all types of rumors such ad the cardinals are divided and so forth. This one can not," said Bishop Lynch.

The Bishop feels the new pope will face the recent controversies, including sex abuse, leaks inside the Vatican and corruption surrounding Vatican banking head on. He's already proven his ability

"In Argentina he is already argued for the poor against the government and some of the government plans that had the support of the wealthy," said Lynch.

He also said this pope is accepting and humble even riding a bus everyday to work.

"This truly shows he has a pastor's heart," said Bishop Lynch.

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