Rhonda Shear Intimates of St. Pete featured as Tampa Bay Fashion Week kicks off on Friday

She is one of HSN's top sellers

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Friday kicks off Tampa Bay Fashion Week. It's eight days of events and activities with plenty of style and the latest trends in fashion. One of this years featured designers is Rhonda Shear.
"I pinch myself everyday because I'm having a blast," smiled Rhonda Shear.

Shear has carved out her own path of success dating back to her days as a New Orleans beauty queen; then to Hollywood and the show biz industry, even as an accomplished stand up comedian.

Now, Rhonda directs her own successful business featuring intimate apparel, shape wear and a vast collection of popular lounge and sleep wear.

"I believe I design for myself," she explained.

Rhonda Shear Intimates is a multi-million-dollar company based in St. Pete.

She's also one of the top sellers on the Home Shopping Network. Shear's signature "Ahh-Bra" has been one of the company's biggest hits.

"This is the most enjoyable thing I've ever done because it's the first time I actually feel like I'm giving back. 

I mean, yes, in stand up comedy you give back to an audience for those few minutes they're laughing and feeling good.  But here I've got women actually saying, "Thank you for making me feel complete,'" Shear explained.  

Several years ago, Shear reconnected with her childhood sweetheart, Van Fagan, and the two were married and became business partners as well.

Shear oversees every aspect of her business and says that although New York may have the most famous fashion week, our very own fashion week does more than hold its own.

"Now when you say Fashion Week Tampa Bay, what that means is, we have it right here going on at the level and caliber, maybe not the price tag, of New York City's," Shear said.

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