Quick moving storm damages Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG - A waterspout is to blame for an extensive amount of damage at St. Petersburg's Maximo Marina.

Pictures from the scene showed a partial roof collapse, which caused damage to several boats.

The marina is located on 37 th Street South.

Witnesses said they saw sheet metal flying in the sky and rain was coming in sideways.

"It was pretty calm before the storm and all of a sudden you hear a big deep whooshing sound. I looked out the window and seen all the metal roofing go flying everywhere," Corey Berriault said.

Walter Margerison, manager of the Maximo Marina said, "Rain was coming sideways, just batting against the window. You couldn't see beyond the window. It was just incredible. Then all of a sudden you could see the timbers and parts of the roof flying around and as quick as it started it was over."

ABC Action Weather Chief Meteorologist Denis Phillips said, "Often times these waterspouts are so quick and small that don't even show up on radar."

"A good rule of thumb for Floridians, if we are in the summer months and the winds are from the west, there is always a chance of waterspouts in the morning and early afternoon," Denis said.

No injures were reported.

Crews will bring in two barges on Saturday to start the clean up process.

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