Police search for carjackers that knocked woman to ground

Victim suffered only minor injuries.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - "I couldn't believe that was happening to me," said the woman who simply wanted to run a few errands and then stop for a brief walk like she has so many other times.

The 52-year old woman - who doesn't want us to use her name - had just parked in a spot along 37th St. near 11th Ave North, to take her dog Daisy for a quick stroll and bathroom break.

She recalls what happened next.

"I bent down to put the leash on her and I was starting to stand up and the gentleman was in my face," she said.

Two young men she saw moments earlier on the other side of the street were suddenly in her personal space.

"They were right there and the next thing that I really remember I was in the road on my back," she explained.
After being knocked to the ground in the street, with her head hurting and disoriented, the victim looked up to see the two young men getting into her car and driving away."

"I'm thankful I wasn't thrown in the car with them.  I know there's a lot more scenarios that could have happened," she said.

The attack happened about a half hour before sunset, right near Jorgensen Lake with some nearby people coming to help the woman.  St. Pete Police found the abandoned stolen car parked behind a vacant house on 12th Avenue South a short time later.  

"It was certainly a traumatic event for her overall; it did have a happy ending in that she wasn't seriously hurt and that we did recover her car back," said Mike Puetz with St. Petersburg Police.

Some of the woman's credit cards and her driver's license were found in a dumpster behind a business on 49th Street South.  Police confirm at least one of her credit cards was used after the carjacking.  

But the woman worries how about the boldness of the carjackers.

"To just randomly do that and see no wrong; and feel so free to do that, it's really scary," said the victim.

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