Police: Boy, 12, robbed by 15-year-old with gun

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla - A 12-year-old St. Petersburg boy riding his bicycle was robbed at gunpoint by a 15-year-old Wednesday night, police say.  

The victim was riding his bicycle in the Citrus Grove Apartment Complex on 15th Street South around 9:00 pm when he was approached by Latellis V. Everett, according to a police statement.

Everett demanded the victim's bicycle.  When the boy refused to hand it over, police say Everett pulled a gun and poked the boy in the chest with the barrel.  He then pushed the boy off the bike and onto the ground.  He reached in the boy's pocket, took some cash and rode off on the bicycle.

The victim did not report the crime out of fear.  But his father learned about it from a man who witnessed the robbery. He then took his son to the police station to file a report.

The boy was able to identify Everett from a photograph.  Everett was arrested Thursday afternoon, but officers could not locate the gun.

During questioning, Everett became combative and had to be restrained, according to police.  While officers were trying to place him in a police cruiser, he remained combative and injured an officer above the left eye.  The injury required stitches. 

Everett continued to fight and managed to break the right rear side passenger window.

At the the time of the Wednesday night robbery, Everett was supposed to be on court-ordered home detention for an April shooting incident.

In that case, Everett was charged after he and another 15-year-old fired a handgun from a car as they passed an outdoor birthday party, police say.  Everett was wounded in the legs by retaliatory gunfire during the incident.

Detectives are still trying to locate the handgun.

Everett is charged with Armed Robbery, Resisting an Officer with Violence, Criminal Mischief and Violation of Parole. He will be charged as an adult.

Anyone with information about the missing gun is asked to contact the St. Petersburg Police at 727-893-7780, Text-A-Tip to 727-420-8911 or leave a confidential tip at 727-892-5000.

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