Overnight mobile home fire claims dog's life

A mobile home fire in St. Petersburg turned deadly early Wednesday morning when a dog died inside.  Investigators are wondering how it happened in the first place.
It happened around 2:30 at the Hollywood Mobile Home Park near 4th Street N. and 72nd Avenue North.
Fire investigators believe the fire started near a connection for the drier.
While one Dalmation/Lab Mix dog passed, another dog, a small Chihuahua, was resuscitated by firefighters, and is doing all right.
The owner of the home, Richard Yedlosky was told to hurry home from his job as a taxi cab driver early in the morning.  He found nearly everything he owned either charred or in ashes.

"I got a phone call at work saying that I need to get home, that I had a fire at home. I have no idea what happened," Yedlosky said.

"I lost another dog and I do believe my cat also," said Yedlosky. "It hasn't hit me yet. But this is stuff that's replaceable.  Lives are not."
In the mobile home park, homes are separated by just feet, and one neighbor says the flames began to melt the awning of hers.
"They told me to get out and all I heard was this explosion and I couldn't even get a shirt on," Carol Meyers said.
Yedlosky was staying with friends, but received some good news when the owners of the mobile home park told him they were going to give him an all new home, free of charge.
Yedlosky has not been back to the scene since, neighbors say him seeing all of his charred belongings is too overwhelming.
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