New video in St. Pete canal crash, driver said to have had heart condition

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - For the first time we're seeing the dramatic video of the crash that nearly killed a little boy when his father's car was hit, sent rolling into a canal. 

You can see Tari Denehy's SUV speeding into the car in front of her Monday afternoon, sending William Bacheler's car rolling into the canal.   This trapped one of his son's inside, underwater-- rescued by onlookers just in the nick of time.

"It's a pretty significant event.  It doesn't look like a 25 mile per hour crash to me," said Jeff Armstong, a forensic engineer.

After analyzing the footage-- Armstrong says it's clear that there's some level of inattention-- which Denehy's sister says was caused by a heart condition that made her to black out behind the wheel.

When analyzing crashes like this, Armstrong says skid marks, the amount of damage to the vehicles involved and the strength of those vehicles all helps investigators determine the circumstances of a crash.

Denehy is charged with careless driving and St. Pete Police are still investigating the crash.

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