Limo company changes tactics after shooting


Bullet holes the size of nickels riddle one of Alpha Limos' stretch cars. For Terry Kurmay, owner of the business of thirty years in Pinellas Park, they serve as fifteen nickel-sized reminders of the night that could have cost one of his drivers his life. "No justice in it. No reason for it," Kurmay said.  
Kurmay said the limo driver involved in last week's shootout at 7th Avenue South and 28th Street is now back to work.  
St. Pete police said the limo became a robbery target in the early morning hours of Wednesday last week. 
The limo driver exchanged gunfire, police said in self defense, with a black Chrysler. 
More than a dozen shots were fired and four people were injured, not including the limo driver. Everyone injured is expected to survive, however police said the driver of the black Chrysler who they believe initiated the shootout is still on the run. 
"We don't want to put anyone in harm's way, our passengers or drivers," Kurmay said. For this reason, he is now limiting service to South St. Pete and putting two drivers on each job. He said, "We'll spend time now checking on the jobs before we send somebody out on them." 
Recent crime statistics provided by the St. Pete Police Department show the shootout happened in an area experiencing a 3.4% increase in overall crime, comparing this year to last year. 
Don Strobel's remodeling business has been around just as long as Alpha Limos and is located a few blocks from the shootout scene. "I've never had problems with break-ins. You have to do sensible things as far as security goes," Strobel said and pointed out he relies on a security system. 
Kurmay estimated $20,000 in damage from bullet holes to the limo involved in the shootout. It's currently in the repair shop. "Hopefully it's a better week than last week," he said. 
St. Pete police are still tracking leads in the case and focused on finding the driver who they say initiated the shootout. 
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