Life sentence upheld for Nicholas Lindsey, convicted of shooting St. Petersburg police officer

LARGO, Fla. - A judge upheld the original sentence Tuesday of life in prison for Nicholas Lindsey, convicted of shooting St. Petersburg police officer Dave Crawford in February, 2011.

He was 16 at the time. Since then, the US Supreme Court ruled that life without parole for juveniles isn't constitutional, mandating other factor's be considered.

Powerful statements were given Monday by some of the people closest to Officer Dave Crawford. All of them explained to the judge why Nicholas Lindsey should spend the rest of his days behind bars.

"My last text from him was me saying, 'Be safe dad I love you,' to which he immediately replied, 'I will sweetheart, I love you too.' That was one hour before Lindsey went to shooting him, as he put it," Dave's daughter, Amanda Crawford said.

And Crawford's former partner, who still wears his badge around his neck, also had something to say. 

"I know that according to my faith I'm supposed to forgive you. I do not know that i will ever be able to do that," Stu Crisco said.

"Every single shot he fired was exactly where he aimed it at the body of Officer Crawford. He knew exactly what he was doing," Assistant State Attorney, Jim Hellickson.

The defense offered a different side.

"He's a bubbly kid, he's kind of shy," Joe Lindsey, Nicholas Lindsey's great uncle.

A child, growing up in a rough neighborhood, exposed to domestic abuse, suffering from various physical and mental health issues. All things the defense says should be considered given the Supreme Court's ruling.

"I think it's more likely than not that he fired impulsively out of fear," forensic psychologist, Richard Carpenter said.

None of which matters, though, to those who love and miss Dave the most.

"I hope that you live to be a very old man locked up and everyday you are locked away you can think about the choices you made that night and all the things you miss but most importantly all of the things that Dave missed," Crisco said.

In the end, the judge ordered the 18-year-old back to prison for life.


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