Great Dane left to die in home, owner arrested

Dog was trapped with no food or water

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Residents in one St. Petersburg neighborhood are horrified over what authorities found inside a home.

A Great Dane was trapped for days inside without food or water before it died. The owner was nowhere to be found.

A sign on the front window says "in case of fire please save our pets."

But authorities say the woman renting the home in the Jungle Terrace neighborhood of St. Petersburg left one of her dogs inside to die.

"I wish to heck I never had a neighbor like that, for one thing," said neighbor Sharon Warden.

Warden lives down the street and says she heard the big Great Dane named Diesel barking, but had no idea he was likely going through a slow painful death.

"I'm wondering if it was barking because it was just hungry and thirsty and it was sick or just waiting for her to come back.  What a heartless person.  I don't know," said Warden.

Investigators aren't sure why the dog's owner Alyssa Anderson abandoned the home and Diesel. But they say she was gone for almost two weeks before someone finally reported a foul smell coming from the house on 71st Street North.

"She claimed she contacted with a friend that she identified only by a first name of Mary that was supposed to take care of the dog for her," said St. Petersburg police spokesperson Mike Puetz.

Police say that story didn't check out and that's why they arrested Anderson for animal cruelty.

"If I had known that, I would have done something.  I would have gotten in and gotten that dog.  Probably would have been in my backyard right now," said Warden.

Neighbors say Anderson lived at the home with her young daughter and had a much smaller dog that she did take with her.

The sanitation department was called to pick up Diesel's remains, but police say ultimately it is the responsibility of the home owner to dispose of the body.

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