Accused of forcing 14-year-old girls into sex slavery, Koesha Jones turns herself in

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The FBI said a Bay Area woman wanted for sex trafficking has turned herself in.  Authorities say she forced children, including two 14-year-old girls, into prostitution.

Koesha Rene Jones surrendered Friday morning, and is expected to appear at an initial hearing in the Federal Courthouse in Tampa on Friday afternoon.

Jones is accused of forcing two 14-year-old girls into sex slavery and arranging for Johns to meet them primarily at a room at the Bayway Inn in St. Petersburg.

"It's just wrong all the way around and they're exploiting these kids," said Dave Couvertier, spokesman for FBI in Tampa. "Just imagine if these were your daughters, if they were your sisters, your nieces, if you put that into perspective, it really brings the impact home of what these children go through."

Motel management claims no knowledge of the conduct.

Some of the gusts seemed shocked.

"I've seen a lot happen here that's not right, but not that," said Mike Ketterer, who lives at the motel. "Nothing like that. If I saw that we have to draw the line and I would call the police."

The arrest warrant shows Jones advertised the services on a flyer at a local gas station and on

On ad reads: "Two ebony princesses that like to live, laugh, love and have fun in any way u want."

The FBI said the girls met with clients sometimes twice a day in the motel and all of the money they made went right back to Jones.

Court documents show one of the girls feared for her life if she didn't do as she was told.

"Right now we don't know for sure if other kids are currently being exploited, being sexually abused, being physically abused," Couvertier said.

According to the FBI, a task force has rescued at least 100 kids sex trafficking in Central Florida since 2009.

The latest two victims are now back home with their families, as their accused pimp tries to run from the law.

"She's going to be key to this investigation," Couvertier said about Jones. "We're looking for justice for these two girls."

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