Dead fish causing a significant odor problem near Crescent Lake Park in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG - Crescent lake is one of four Natural lakes in the city of St. Petersburg and is known for its pristine grounds. But just a few days ago that all changed.

The city of St. Petersburg said that the smell from dead fish are from an ongoing fish kill in Crescent Lake. It's a natural occurrence that hasn't happened here in over 20 years.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is blaming a change in weather and a lack of oxygen in the water. The city thinks it's an overpopulation of Shad in the lake.

"We would expect that the over population would tend to correct itself. When there is sufficient food and Oxygen to support the remaining shad, then it will cease and desist," said Michael Connors, Public Works City of St Petersburg.

The dead fish can be found all along the shores of this lake. So many, in fact, the city has sent crews to clean up the thousands of pounds of them.

"We will continue to have a crew out there for the remainder of the week to dip those little fingerlings out," Connors said.

The city doesn't know how long the kill will last, but it poses no threat to humans, and it will keep monitoring the situation.



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