Wheelchair games holds first-ever water skiing event

TAMPA - Larry Binger severely injured his back while serving in the Navy almost 40 years ago.  The 67-year-old from Delaware is competing in the this week in trap shooting and archery in the 2013 National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

This is his first time water skiing, and he says he has never let his wheelchair keep him from enjoying life.

"We're all scared to death because we don't know what's going to happen.  But you just say 'I can do this' and you go back home and you can do anything," said Larry.

These skiers are mostly first-timers.  Water skiing is being offered for the first time as an exhibition sport in the wheelchair games.  Ted Abbott from Richmond came to Tampa to compete in bowling and billiards.

"I don't have pity parties.  I get out there and I'm active.  Keep my attitude good.  I love life and I live it to the fullest," said Ted.

Diagnosed with a neurological disorder in 1990 and in a wheelchair for the past eight years, Ted is a sailor.  He entered the water skiing event as a way to enjoy one of his passions, being out on the water.

"Water is very therapeutic.  On it, in it, under it, around it.  Very therapeutic.  I love it," said Ted.

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