Cleaning up eyesores in Palm River Neighborhoods

Community comes together to get rid of junk

PALM RIVER, Fla. - A community comes together to clean up their neighborhood.

People brought old mattresses, some old furniture, and even old doors. They dumped that old junk into dumpsters around the Green Ridge Estates, Delaney Creek neighborhoods in Palm River.
"It's an eyesore." Ola Lott said. She organized today's cleanup. "When you have to ride up and down the street and live in a community and you see nothing but junk, junk, junk everywhere you go," she said.
Ola decided she wanted to do something about the junk. "People should have pride where we live. We should care about where we live." Ola said.
With a $775 grant from Hillsborough County Solid Waste Ola, with a team of volunteers, were able to pay to have five trash bins placed around the community on Saturday. The goal, get those living here involved in cleaning up all the junk around the over 185 homes in this neighborhood.
"The stuff we just put in that had been there so long and we didn't have no where to put it so it was good that we got a chance to do this," Eric Bennett said. He was one dropping off some old mattresses.
Volunteers were surprised and excited about how well the cleanup went.  Just two hours after starting to collect items, all five bins were full. "I was shocked. I mean people were coming out of the woodwork," Ola said.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department and Code Enforcement will help get rid of the junk collected. "I was amazed at the cooperation that we got. I really was," Ola said.
Since today's cleanup was such a success plans are already in the works to do it again next year.
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