Police say Janeene Jones tried to have two men killed, including her husband

Murder for hire plot


A North Port woman is behind bars, accused of plotting a murder-for-hire scheme. Police in Sarasota say she tried to get two people killed, including her husband.


Investigators say earlier this month, 49-year-old Janeene Jones tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband, Matthew Smith, who she had a life insurance policy on. 


Jason Grant Lives next door. Grant said, "I really don't know them that well. But from what I know, I thought they were really happy."


Police say Jones didn't know she was sharing information about her alleged plot with an undercover detective at a shopping plaza in North Port.  Linda DeNiro is the Sarasota Police Department's Spokesperson. DeNiro said, "Explained in detail, the sub that she wanted to have murdered, including a name, address and a photo."


Jones' arrest report says Jones told the detective one of the crimes would be more difficult because one of the men is armed and has cameras at the house. She allegedly told the undercover he could make it look like a car-jacking.


Police tell us in one case, Jones described how the detective could kill one of her targets by "snapping his neck" or just "shooting him." DeNiro said, "And also discussed that the body should be removed due to less mess and less evidence."


According to investigators, Jones also said she wanted the crime committed while she was on a cruise and even said she didn't care if one of the men's children were home at the time of the crime.


She allegedly agreed to pay the undercover $4,000 to carry it out and wanted the second man murdered 30 days later.


Investigators say Jones is tied to a civil court case with her other alleged target.


Police are also looking into reports she allegedly murdered her late husband two years ago. Police say she's receiving a large amount of money from his life insurance policy. 

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