Homeowner says graffiti is message toward neighbor

Graffiti purposely put up by homeowner

SARASOTA, Fla. - With each spray of a paint can, Ryan O'Hern adds more unique squiggles and odd drawings to his uncle's home off McIntoch road in Sarasota.

"We never thought it would go like this," O'Hern told ABC Action News Friday afternoon. "He's just trying to prove a point basically to our neighbors and he just happened to think of a reason and he just went with it," he said.

Smiley faces and neon paint are sprayed on the Sarasota home in a form of graffiti. O'Hern said his uncle's message is directed toward a neighbor they say repeatedly harassed the family over alleged code violations. If you are wondering if the graffiti is a violation of Sarasota County codes, it is not, and the homeowners said the graffiti is here to stay.

"I thought it light up the neighborhood," laughed neighbor Jon Lyons.

Lyons and others in the neighborhood thought the graffiti carried a different message.

"I knew he was having his home foreclosed on so I thought I would have probably done the same thing myself," he said.

While the home has been foreclosed the owner said he is working to not only get his home back, but also his privacy.

"The main thing was to just get the point across to our neighbor to just stop and leave us alone," said O'Hern.

The homeowners told ABC Action News they will eventually repaint over the graffiti.

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