Deputies arrest man for bringing loaded gun to a football game at Riverview High

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. - Sarasota County Sheriff deputies have arrested a man for bringing a loaded gun to a football game.

Thomas Hegwein, 48, is being held in the Sarasota County Jail on $25,000 bond.

"Two deputies approached Mr. Hagwein and asked him to leave the stands and speak to them away from the crowd," said Wendy Rose, Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman.

According to the arrest report, deputies found the loaded .45 caliber pistol on Hegwein.  The hammer was cocked and a round was in the chamber.  Deputies arrested him for having the gun on school property.  They said he even threatened to kill one deputy because he was Jewish.  Deputies also found more weapons in his car.

Mitchell Robertson said he and his family were at the varsity football game at Riverview High School on Friday night when his youngest son, playing on the bleachers, got a little too close to Hagwein.

"Obviously he wasn't there to watch football," said Robertson.

"He looked at me kind of funny.  I said, son come back over here, and next thing you know, he was giving me and my wife the finger."

Robertson became concerned after the encounter.  He also saw Hegwein had hand drawn swastikas on his boots. Then, Robertson said he noticed the gun showing through Hegwein's shirt.  That's when we went to get deputies.

Deputies said Hegwein was involved in a suspicious incident last month.  Authorities said he had several guns and a compound bow.

According to deputies, Hegwein may have also been at the JV football game Thursday night, but that's still being investigated.

Sarasota Schools issued a statement which said the school takes a number of precautions for the safety of students and spectators at school sporting events.  It also stated bags were checked at the gate of the game.

"Anytime you're in doubt and you're not sure of the law and you see someone with a weapon and you have concerns either about their behavior or fact they have a weapon you can always contact law enforcement," Rose said.

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