Bulletproof boats made in Sarasota find their way to other countries to help protect against pirates

The Hann 40 Peacemaker have a mission


With an increase in pirate attacks worldwide, especially on the western seaboard of Africa, more companies are looking for ways to protect themselves and their goods.


One way is with the Hann 40 Peacemaker. Weighing about 18,000 pounds and able to reach speeds of 55 miles per-hour, the Hann 40 Peacemaker is not your average powerboat.


The 45-foot boats are also bulletproof and can be equipped with high power machine guns. "It's designed as a deep water, heavy ocean patrol and escort boat," Kevin McLaughlin said. He is the Vice President of Hanns Powerboats in Sarasota, the company behind the Hann 40 Peacemaker.


What makes this boat so safe are the layers of protection you get inside the cabin. On top you have bulletproof windows. On the bottom, aluminum sides covered by bulletproof material. That will then be covered by the cabin's interior, giving you three layers of protection from any bullet that is fired at the boat. 


"You can do a 360-degree turn at 44 knots in about 15 seconds," Kevin said. With that kind of speed and agility, MOP International Marine has ordered Peacemakers to protect oil companies and their workers in the Gulf of Guinea, a body of water off the Nigerian coast of Africa. 


 "Their primary mission. To escort tankers in and out of the port so that they are not attacked by pirates," Kevin said.


So far this year there has been 28 pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea area. Two Peacemakers are already on patrol. 


Two boats were shipped out on Wednesday and ten more will set sail as they are completed. They will be setting out on their mission as the first line of defense against invading pirates. 

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