Tornado touches down in Palmetto

The cleanup begins after a tornado touched down in a mobile home community in Palmetto.
Meteorologists with the National Weather Service said a tornado touched down in Palmetto on Tuesday evening.
Everyone is said to be okay, but residents near the 2800 block of 10th St W say the damage to their property was pretty extensive.

Six homes were destroyed so badly by the twister Tuesday night, they are deemed unlivable.

Another dozen homes were damaged, but just cosmetic damage.

ABC Action News spoke to people in who say they saw the clouds gathering and knew something was going to happen-- but they just didn't know how bad it was going to be.

They tell us their just glad it wasn't a lot worse.

"We don't know where we will be living.  We don't know what kind of damage there is to the place.  We had done all kinds of repairs to it and got it all fixed up and we said we would have a vacation without doing nothing to the house and then hallelujah this is what we come home to," Leslie Hill said.   

She said she is just glad nobody got hurt, the Red Cross is taking care of the families who were displaced.

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