Manatee Co. Animal Services looking for homes for dozens of surrendered dogs

In need of the community's help

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - The Manatee County Animal Shelter is issuing a plea to the community for help after a breeder surrendered dozens of pit bull mixes.

Joel Richmond, Manatee County animal services enforcement supervisor, says surrenders like this usually happen every two to three months.  However, he admits its been a while since he has seen this number of dogs turned over at one time.

There were 31 all together, 17 of them puppies placed in foster care until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered.  

Richmond says the future of the ones in the shelter is in the hands of the community.

"We are rapidly over populating and we would like to get them out of here," he explained.  "We continuously have animals coming in.  So its a chore and a task to move our animals out and find adoption homes for them."

Richmond says the shelter is about 70-percent full at this time.  That percentage doesn't include the puppies in foster care.  He doesn't want to see surrenders like this, he says, but at the same time, the dogs may be better off in the shelter that they were with the breeder.

"There were some minor shelter violations and there were some puppies that we were able to place into foster, but it was a lot of animals for a small property and for one person to take care of."

While there have been no charges filed against the breeder, Richmond says there is an ongoing investigation into the living conditions of the dogs surrendered.

For those interested in adopting any of the dogs from this surrender or any other animal adoption inquiries, the Manatee County Animal Shelter is offering special prices through the end of the weekend:

Dog/cats: 15.00 adoption fee plus $15.00 county tag fee

Heartworm positive dogs: $15.00 tag fee & county provides the medicine

Veterans, Veterans Families: $15.00 county tag fee/ Out of County animal would be free

The shelter is located at 305 25th Street West, Palmetto, FL. 

For more information, call the shelter at (941) 742-5933. 305 25 Street West, Palmetto, Fla.

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